Warning! Hacker alert.

Warning! Hacker alert.

July 20, 2015 Blog, news 0 Comments

Recently we had a client whose site was hacked, taking the whole site down and infecting anyone who visited it. Unfortunately, the hosting company did not have any recent backups and all the on-site changes and SEO that had been done over the last 2 years was completely lost. It cost him a bunch of money & time to get the site back online again – not to mention the massive loss of sales while it was down.

To add insult to injury – many of the awesome rankings we achieved were instantly lost and it has taken weeks to get most of them back to anywhere near what they were before.

We’ve been searching for a way to safeguard you (and us) from a similar situation, and we’ve developed a system to put in place for any WordPress site (whether you are hosted with us or not).

What we will do is:
• A full monthly back up of the site
• Update the WordPress installation every month
• Update your plugins each month (where necessary)
• Do a security scan
• Fix any security breaches
• Install special security software
• Put automated protection in place
• Implement weekly security scans

Some people are charging in excess of $75 per month for a service such as this (we looked) but we want to implement something that is more affordable for everyone.

So we’ve developed this system to protect your assets and we can offer this to you for only $30 per month, however, we’re offering – just for our clients, past clients and friends – this service for just $20 per month.

To take advantage of this offer, fill in your details below and click submit to sign up via Paypal. Once you’ve done that – shoot me a quick email (lesley@linxhurricane.com) to be sure I’ve received notification and we’ll get started on it for you straight away.

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** To pay by credit card instead of Paypal, click on the the link that says “Pay using your credit or debit card” under the Paypal login form.


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