Video Marketing

What is Video Marketing?

In it’s simplest form, it is using video to promote your brand, product or service. There are many types of video that can contribute to this including:

  • promotional (product & service) video
  • testimonial video
  • “how to” video
  • case study video

The Benefits of Video:

diagram-21. Exposure
Increased rankings in Google & Youtube leading to more leads and sales

2. Engagement
Engaging videos result in better conversion rates off your website and other online platforms.

For example:Promotional video increases conversion by between 6-30% off a home page product video can increase conversion by 45%+. Recent data provided by Wiki jobs indicated a customer testimonial increased their online sales by 34%.

3. Emotion
Consumers always buy on emotion and consequently, a well crafted video with effective visuals, audio and a human connection can create the emotional state required for a person to take action.

4. Bank your profits!
Bloocow produce a range of videos to promote businesses online, see below for examples of our videos.

Our unique 4 Step Video Success Formula™ will ensure you get a video that produces results.

What are people saying?

"We have been using the 5 star reputation marketing system now for the past 4 months and as a result our business has doubled. We are getting a lot more phone calls than we originally were, purely from the fact that we have those 4 and 5 star ratings on Google. I would highly recommend anyone have a chat with Greg from Bloocow so he can show you how to use reputation marketing to grow your business."

Kelly Pillay
“Greg & Mike helped us with developing our website and marketing our first event. They have been supportive, helpful and extremely knowledgeable. I would definitely recommend them.”

Adrian Bram
“A very personable approach and have demonstrated they understand my business……it’s likely to take some investment, but with me they’ve delivered far more than what they promised and their work really has been the core of ICML’s success. The ROI has been enormous”

Lee Simpson
“We were looking for some new talent to assist us and we set mutually agreed targets to be in the top 3 in Google…… and we have achieved the results.You guys have earned our trust and respect.”

Caroline Shaw
"I had Greg & the team build a new website and complete local SEO marketing for my business. As a result of the work done, I received a greater number of calls and form submissions from the website. I would recommend anybody using BlooCow. All the staff were helpful, they knew exactly what I needed and delivered that and probably then some. Even after the campaign had finished, they were still there to help, so I would definitely recommend them to anybody."

Mark Patterson
To find out more and get your marketing strategy in place to get your business to the next level, call us now on 1300 499 550 or email us at: video@bloocow.com