Penguin 3.0 Update

Penguin 3.0 Update

July 20, 2015 Blog, Latest News, news, SEO, Technology, video 0 Comments

Just a quick update on the newly released Penguin 3.0 algorithm update that occured just after mid-October, and is still being rolled out as we speak, slowly, which is a good thing.

It has said to affect less than 1% of English websites, and I believe the types of websites that have been hit this time are Web 2.0 properties and some private blog networks. Now, they would have only been affected if the particular sites themselves have been set up to game Google.

So from our perspective, we are very happy with the results, our clients’ rankings have been stable. In fact, quite a few of our client sites have seen significant improvements, some have moved around a little bit but nothing significant. Whereas I do know from the grapevine that there have been some sites that have completely gone.

So from our perspective in this round of updates, it’s business as normal, very stable client rankings – THAT doesn’t mean Google can turn on it’s head moving forward. As we say, we should all have multiple strategies in place for marketing. However, things are very good at this point.

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