Hummingbird Google Algorithm Update

Hummingbird Google Algorithm Update

October 28, 2013 Blog, Latest News, Marketing Tips, news, Video Marketing 0 Comments

Hummingbird is a major overhaul of the Google search algorithm that has affected 90% of websites. The update was implemented to deal with more intricate current inquiries and searches on Google, and has been ongoing silently in the background for months leading to its announcement.

The search algorithm update provides less interpretation of keyword search. Rather, it has veered toward more interpretion of the meaning, and matching the concepts to the keyword search. The search algorithm is far more sophisticated than the previous updates.

The recent Penguin 2.1 search algorithm update was all about spammy links. The intention was to move away from quantities of links as a preferred way of achieving rankings – to content rich sites with video, and have social media setup and regularly updated.

The intention is to attract visitors because of a quality site, and quality sites attract natural links naturally.

Relying solely on SEO marketing alone is a big risk – multiple strategies for online marketing is the way to go. Facebook marketing has proven effective in multiple industries.

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