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Google Adwords is not a new strategy, however, it is something that requires great skill to get the optimum results a business requires. This strategy has undergone quite a transformation since Google decided to remove ads from the right hand side of their page. Now you will only see the Google ads at the top and bottom of search results in Google.

While it is easy to register an adwords account and set up a basic campaign, there are many things that need to be done that are overlooked by businesses who try to mange their own campaigns.

Bloocow provides the most comprehensive and successful Google Adwords campaigns in Sydney and across Australia, and our client results speak for themselves.


 We offer mini audits, full audits and the complete management of your Google Adwords campaign. Our team are in constant training with Google and will monitor your campaign on a daily basis ensuring you are getting the best result for your investment.

Our audits for businesses looking to get an adwords campaign set up in the Sydney region are designed to find gaps in your current campaign and stem the outflow of wasted $$$ and put it back into your pocket. Using a technique called “conversion optimization”, we are able to get you more leads and sales without increasing your visitors or ad spend.

Additionally, you have access to your own reporting dashboard that also tracks every phone call made to your business through the Adwords campaign.

Google Adwords campaigns are not about the cost but the return you are going to get from it. Therefore it becomes an investment and there is no doubt that when a highly effective Google Adwords campaign is implemented as part of your business marketing strategy, you will get a very good return.

In conclusion, we take great pride in delivering successful campaigns to all of our clients and would like to do the same for you.

For a free, no obligation appraisal to see how we can build your profits, please call now on 1300 499 550.

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