Google Advertising Case Studies


Case Study 1

This is a current client in the shipping container industry we have been doing Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) for.

The brief for this client was to get more leads from the get go. Not that the client has been struggling for business. They just wanted more.

As you can see, in only 4 days of our Google Adwords campaign, the client has already had 22 leads at over 33% conversion rate, which is unheard of in Adwords campaigns.

This is significantly adding to the bottom line of this client.


Case Study #2

This is a current client in the timber industry in the Melbourne region in Victoria. This client is also doing Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).

The brief was to create new business immediately while the SEO campaign was kicking into top gear.

Initially, the cost per acquisition was over $100, however now you can see that it has been reduced to $25 and the monthly spend has come down from $1000 to just over $700 and with a click through rate (CTR) of around 10%.

This client is now positioned to increase their monthly spend to create even more leads, knowing that the numbers all add up.


Case Study #3

This client came to us after having several bad Google Adwords experiences with other agencies. They are in the wellness industry.

The brief was to make their campaign more effective and profitable for them.

In only the second month of their campaign, this client has increased conversions significantly at a lower cost per click and is getting more calls than ever before. While there is still a lot of work to do on this campaign, the good news is that it will only get better for the business.